25th Midwest Relativity Meeting and GR Centennial Session

We are happy to announce that the 25th Midwest Relativity Meeting (MRM2015) will be held at Northwestern University on October 1-3, 2015.

This year’s meeting will be hosted by CIERA, the Center for Interdisciplinary Exploration and Research in Astrophysics, and we are very pleased to host the meeting during the 100th anniversary of Einstein’s publication of the General Theory of Relativity.

To celebrate the Centennial anniversary we are extending the traditional 2-day format of MRMs and start on Thursday, Oct 1, 2015 with a a set of invited reviews and an evening public lecture.

Special GR Centennial Anniversary Session on Oct 1, 2015 (1-5 p.m.):

Invited Review Topics and Speakers:

  • Mathematical Relativity: Lydia Bieri (U. Michigan)
  • Quantum Gravity: TBA
  • Relativistic Astrophysics: Stuart Shapiro (U. Illinois)
  • Experimental Gravity: Rainer Weiss (MIT)

GR Centennial Anniversary Public Lecture on Oct 1, 2015 (7:30pm):

John D. Norton (U. Pittsburgh)

Days two and three (Oct 2 all day and Oct 3 half day) of the meeting will follow the standard format of previous MRMs. The meeting will cover a broad range of topics in gravitation physics, including classical and quantum gravity, numerical relativity, relativistic astro physics, cosmology, gravitational waves, and experimental gravity.

All participants, especially postdocs and graduate students, are invited to contribute talks on their current research. All talks will be allotted 10 to 15 minutes depending on the number of speakers. As this is a regional meeting, many of the participants will be from the greater United States Midwest and Canada, but researchers and students from other geographic areas are also welcome.

The registration deadline is Sep. 6, 2015. The registration page, as well as hotel and travel information, is available at the conference website.

Important Note: We are holding rooms at several hotels, at varied room rates and distance (walking or driving) from the venue. Availability is limited, so book ASAP if you would like to have your choice of hotel.

Looking forward to welcoming you in October,

Vicky Kalogera, CIERA Director, Northwestern U.

for the MRM2015 SOC