The Division of Gravitational Physics (DGRAV) was launched in April 1995 (as the Topical Group in Gravitation, GGR) to serve as a focus for research in all areas of gravitational physics. Its objective is to serve as a focus for research on gravitational physics including experiments and observations related to the detection and interpretation of gravitational waves, experimental tests of gravitational theories, computational general relativity, relativistic astrophysics, solutions to Einstein’s equations and their properties, alternative theories of gravity, classical and quantum cosmology, and quantum gravity.

Executive Committee

Chair 2018–2019: Emanuele Berti (University of Mississippi)

Chair-Elect 2018–2019: Gary Horowitz (UC Santa Barbara)

Vice Chair 2018–2019: Nicolas Yunes (Montana State University)

Past Chair 2018–2019: Peter Shawhan (University of Maryland)

Secretary/Treasurer 2017–2020: Geoffrey Lovelace (CSU Fullerton)

APS Councilor 2017–2020: Beverly Berger (Retired)

Student Member 2017–2019: Cody Messick (Penn State)

Student Member 2018–2020: Belinda Cheeseboro (West Virginia University)

Member-at-Large 2016–2019: Kelly Holley-Bockelmann (Vanderbilt University)

Member-at-Large 2016–2019: Leo Stein (California Institute of Technology)

Member-at-Large 2017–2020: Lisa Barsotti (MIT)

Member-at-Large 2017–2020: Ted Jacobson (UMD)

Member-at-Large 2018–2021: Michael Lam (West Virginia University)

Member-at-Large 2018–2021: Jess McIver (Caltech)


You can contact (some) members of the executive committee by emailing contact[AT]dgrav(DOT)org.