Regional Meetings and Best Student Presentation Awards

An award, sponsored by the Division of Gravitational Physics, for best presentation by a student will be made at each of the following annual regional meetings:

  • Midwest Relativity Meeting
  • East Coast Gravity Meeting
  • Gulf Coast Gravity Meeting
  • Pacific Coast Gravity Meeting

The award is $200 and gives the recipient the right to advertise her/himself as winning the Division of Gravitational Physics Best Student Presentation at the particular meeting.

Criteria governing the award:

  • The only candidates are those who have not yet officially received PhD degrees.
  • A member of the Division shall organize the judging of presentations. Judges may include faculty members and postdoctoral associates, but are not to include students.
  • The criteria for winning shall be a continuation of the criteria previously used for the award of the Bell prize at Pacific Coast Gravity Meetings. This means, in particular, that the quality of the research and of the presentation will be weighted as the judges see fit.
  • The Division member taking responsibility for organizing the judging will notify the Secretary-Treasurer, in advance of the meeting, and will notify the Secretary-Treasurer of the outcome of the judging, including contact information for the winner. The Secretary-Treasurer will then arrange to have the prize money sent to the winner.
  • The prize can be split, but this is strongly discouraged.

Prize winners

A list of past awards can be found at Student Presentation Awards. If you know of a winner not listed there, please contact us.