APS April Meeting Abstract Deadline this Friday

Dear GGR Members

The APS April Meeting 2016 will take place in Salt Lake City, Utah, April 16-19. The deadline to submit an abstract is January 8 – this Friday! Please submit an abstract, it is going to be an interesting meeting.

Happy New Year,
Chair of GGR

APS has not released the full program of invited speakers yet, but for your information and planning, we are sharing with you a preliminary list of the invited sessions that are being organized by GGR (***).

First Results from Advanced LIGO

  • The Advanced LIGO Detector (Peter Fritschel)
  • Searches for GW transients in Advanced LIGO (Chad Hanna)
  • First Results from Advanced LIGO: Parameter estimation and tests of GR (Salvatore Vitale)

The Future of Ground Based Gravitational Wave Detection

  • The future of ground based GW astrophysics (Alessandra Corsi)
  • The Emerging Gravitational-wave Detection Network (Stefan Ballmer)
  • Future Detector Development (Sheila Dwyer)

Schwarzschild Black Hole

  • Schwarzschild solution: an historical prospective (Marcia Bartusiak)
  • Black Hole observations (Aycin Ay)
  • Quantum black holes in Loop Quantum Gravity (Javier Olmedo)

Measuring Big G

  • Recent measurements of G (Stephan Schlamminger)
  • Atomic Interferometry, summary and results (TBD)
  • New routes to measuring Big G (Christian Rothleitner)

Pulsar Timing Array (Join Unit: DAP)

  • Building A Galactic Scale Gravitational Wave Observatory (Maura McLaughlin)
  • Primordial GWs (Xavier Siemens)
  • Measuring Evolution in the Universe with Pulsar Timing Arrays (Sarah Burke Spolaor)

Space Based Gravitational Wave Astrophysics (Join Unit: DAP)

  • LISA Pathfinder: picometers and femtoNewtons in space (Martin Hewitson)
  • Listening to the low-frequency gravitational-wave band (Scott Hughes)
  • Mining GW and EM data to maximize science return (TBD)

Theory Developments in Particle Physics and Gravitation (Join Unit: DPF)

  • Quantum Information and its Connections with Black Holes (John Preskill)
  • Heineman Prize Talk: Tying Soft Theorems to Symmetries in Gravity and Gauge Theory (Andrew Strominger)
  • Gravitational lessons from Holographic Entanglement Entropy (Veronica Hubeny)

Computing Meets Experiment in Gravity (Join Unit: DCOMP)

  • Computing in large scale experiments (Ian Harry)
  • Computing in gravity theory (Patricia Schmidt)
  • High performance computing in astroparticle physics: very-high-energy gamma-ray observations with imaging atmospheric Cherenkov telescopes (Nepomuke Otte)

Also relevant is the following talk in non-GGR sessions:

(***) Vicky Kalogera will present in a DNP/DAP session a Bethe Prize Talk which will include highlights of astro interpretation.