GGR Newly Elected Fellows

The Topical Group in Gravitation is pleased to announce its newest APS Fellows:

Duncan Brown

For leadership in all aspects of the search for gravitational wave signals from compact binary coalescences, including algorithms, waveform templates, pipelines, statistical interpretation, and connection with general relativity and astrophysics.

Guido Mueller

For innovative and inventive research in instrument science and experimental methods for terrestrial and space-based gravitational-wave detection.

M. Alessandra Papa

For numerous key contributions to gravitational-wave astronomy, including devising new data analysis methods for gravitational waves from pulsars and coordinating the worldwide exchange and analysis of data.

Robert Schofield

For leadership in identifying and mitigating environmental factors which impact the sensitivity of terrestrial gravitational wave detectors and elimination of spurious noise sources in LIGO.

Let us all congratulate them!