GGR Achieved 3% of APS Membership

Dear GGR member,

We are delighted to report that GGR’s membership has exceeded the threshold of 3% of the total APS membership. This means that we are now officially on the path to graduating from being a Topical Group to being a Division of the APS!

Divisional status will provide our community with substantial benefits: a permanent seat on the APS council with enhanced opportunity to advocate for our field and a larger budget allocation from the APS which would, for example, mean an increase in student travel support. Every one of you contributed to this remarkable achievement!

But we are not done. We must also exceed the 3% threshold in the January 2016 count before we officially become a Division. Your continued participation in GGR will help us reach this goal.

Here are the details:
GGR membership = 1584
APS membership = 51,523
Ratio = 3.074%.

For more information, see the APS Unit Statistics webpage.

Best regards,

Beverly K. Berger for the GGR Executive Committee