Congratulations to Award Winners

GGR congratulates the following award winners:

Vicky Kalogera (Northwestern) 2016 Hans Bethe Prize (DAP and DNP):

For key contributions to the study of the electromagnetic and gravitational wave radiation from binary compact objects, including the now-verified prediction that neutron star mergers produce short gamma-ray bursts that will be found in all galaxy types.

Pablo Laguna (Georgia Tech) 2016 Bouchet Award (Committee on Minorities in Physics):

For contributions to numerical relativity and astrophysics; in particular, on the simulation of colliding black holes.

David Tanner (University of Florida, Gainesville) 2016 Frank Isakson Prize (joint winner with Dirk van der Marel) (Optical Effects in Solids):

For insightful experiments and analyses on a wide variety of quantum solids with strong electronic correlations in general, and cuprate superconductors in particular, using optical spectroscopy.