Workshop Announcement: eXtreme Matter Meets eXtreme Gravity

XGI Workshop First Announcement
“eXtreme Matter meets eXtreme Gravity”
August 17-19, Bozeman Montana

The eXtreme Gravity Institute at Montana State University will hold a workshop to discuss methods for constraining the properties of Neutron Stars and the dense-matter equation of state. Like previous XGI workshops, the format will emphasize discussion and exchange of ideas over formal presentations. Each session will be organized around a science question, with a moderator and two discussion leaders. Topics to be covered include gravitational-wave observations of Neutron Star – Neutron Star and Neutron Star – Black Hole binaries, X-ray observations by the NICER mission (set to launch very soon), theoretical calculations of the dense-matter equation of state, and numerical simulations of NS-NS and NS-BH mergers.

The meeting is being held immediately prior to the HEAD meeting in Sun Valley, and participants may choose to drive between the meetings, or simply head a little south of Bozeman to view the total eclipse on August 21. Bozeman is a beautiful mountain town a one-hour drive from the North entrance of Yellowstone National Park. The surrounding area offers great opportunities for hiking, fishing, white water rafting, and mountain biking.

For more information, visit the website or contact Neil Cornish (