Join the APS Division of Gravitational Physics (DGRAV)

We warmly invite you to consider joining the Division of Gravitational Physics (DGRAV) at the APS.

Through DGRAV, the gravitational physics community is actively engaged in the APS. We support the scientific community in numerous ways, including supporting student participation in the APS April Meetings, where we sponsor and organize a variety of invited sessions. We also organize regional meetings and sponsor DGRAV Student Presentation Awards for them. We recognize the contributions of our members by the Einstein Prize, the Isaacson Award, and through prestigious APS Fellowships.

Our interests range from cosmology and astrophysics to string theory, from numerical simulations to the analysis of large datasets, and from precision experimental design to rigorous mathematical theory.

DGRAV serves as a forum to bring together members of several communities to advance our understanding of the relationship between gravity and fundamental physics.